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Summary - 3 paths to wealth: ownership, sales, and specialization. All three require investment.This concepts must be mastered to succeed in the first two, which also require less to start.

Body -  Contrary to what the majority of people believes, most well off and wealthy people (in the U.S. anyway) did not inherit their wealth. The top .001% is a different story. But the 1%? Over half of those people don't even fit the definition of what wealthy truly means. 1% starts at $400k/year in income for a household... that's middle class.

In my experience, most well off and wealthy people come from lower-middle-class families. There's some misinformation on what this means, but lower-middle-class is usually defined as owning property and not living paycheck to paycheck. They can afford to put their kids through private school, but may choose not to. Usually these people are salaried employees who make a good living but do not possess a high ceiling to break into the wealthy class. When this fact dawns on their children (usually around 15-25 years old), they usually make it their mission to do so.

There are three paths to real wealth: ownership, sales, and specialization.

1. Ownership

This is just what it sounds like: owning something. A business, a building, land, oil rights, equity etc. Usually ownership goes hand and hand with Passive Income, which means that if you're in Argentina or Italy or Turkey smashing on some strange, you're making money anyway.

Passive Income allows you to focus your time on ways to expand your Earned Income or new ventures for Passive Income. The more Passive Income you have, the more money you make just by breathing.

Buildings, land, and property are all usually good investments. Owning your home, however, should not be seen as an investment. Yes, you build equity and have ownership, but it doesn't provide you a revenue stream. A rental does. If you're making an extra $4,000 a month on renting out a place.

Owning stocks/bonds usually provide you a revenue stream (if you buy and hold), and are filed under ownership as well, since you either own equity or debt in/of a company.

More examples: A guy makes 200k a year for 30 years, and he receives raises that go up with inflation.

Saves up for a down payment for years. He buys a $1.4 million dollar house. Pays the mortgage for 30 years. Retires with the house paid off and lives off his 401k. Not the slightest bit wealthy. Comfortable? 

Same guy makes 100k a year with raises that match inflation. He saves enough to put 5% down on a 1 br condo by the beach getting and gets a mortgage to finance it. He turns it into a vacation rental. Rental blows away his mortgage payment and he can now save twice as fast. He saves up a 20% down payment this time and buys a two bedroom condo by the beach. Rinse and repeat, increasing scale each time. This same guy could quit work at 40 and live off his revenue streams the rest of his life. Or he could keep at it and become first generation wealthy.

Business Ownership usually involves much more commitment, initial investment (of time and--usually--money), but can absolutely CRUSH what you can do with property. Look at the guy who started Home Brew Mart / Ballast Point Brewery. Just a guy who thought the beer in the 90's was bad and wanted to make beer that tasted good. That man is first generation rich. But he's 20+ years invested. You think he needs to manage day-to-day operations now?  He pays people who pay people to do that.

Property and business ownership require the ability to negotiate, manipulate, and--most importantly--create value (in yourself and something else).

2. Sales

You 1) FIND, 2) CONVINCE, and 3) GET THE SIGNATURE ON THE LINE THAT IS DOTTED from someone who is receiving something they want or need. All three parts are of equal importance. Some people are incredible marketers, some can convince people that Jesus really did heal them with the holy water, and some can knock it dead on the close. Rarely can someone do all three.

The ones that can (and who are selling something of extreme value), are usually well on their way to being wealthy. Look at the best real estate agents in your area... those guys (and gals) crush it. You think you can do what they do? No, you can't. Not without a ton of work perfecting your craft and 15 hour days. And, by the way, they make a lot more than you think they do.

In sales, you eat what you kill. It's truly the 21st-century adaptation of the alpha.

What's great about sales is that it literally requires no start-up cost other than some time and energy. Borrow a suit, buy Zig Ziglar's books for 1 cent online, and get to work. It will bleed into all aspects of your life more than anything you can imagine. You become more social and fun to be around... people see you as likable, but you still get thing done. People will respect you more because you will show them value in things. In general, others will desire to be around you. You dress well, you speak well, and you become a master of giving people what they desire: for a price.

3. Specialization

Not going to cover this one as deep, as it usually requires a ton of school or a lot of alone time (coders, for example). Usually 12-15 years of training. Think of brain surgeons, super specialized engineers, business consultants for narrow fields, investment banking (blend of sales and specialization). You usually have to get into this fairly early in life. The other two can be done at any point.

Take Away - Do you desire wealth? Then quit wasting the most scarce resource of all: your time. Get to work and build a better life for yourself.

Positive Habits

Many people want to start positive habits, but struggle to avoid distractions (like television and Facebook.) Maybe you want to write ten pages of fiction per week, but instead of working you end up surfing the web and checking email. You know you're choosing instant gratification over lasting fulfillment, but can't seem to help yourself. I think most of us, in some form or another, can relate to this frustrating scenario.

To overcome inertia and implement positive habits that last, you need to develop a greater sense of agency. Taking ownership of yourself and your actions is a fundamental aspect of personal development. See, when the average guy sits down to work, and ends up surfing the web instead, he thinks this is something that just happened. He believes that giving into distraction is normal (perhaps inevitable) and mostly out of his control. Sure he's the one clicking out of Microsoft Word, but in his mind this isn't a big deal. He's “tired” and work was “frustrating today.” Besides, no one cares if he postpones his personal development for one more day. With all these things on his mind, the average Joe feels totally justified in spending another night doing nothing instead of pursuing self-improvement.

Become Life-Affirming

“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.” - Confucius

To break out of the evil cycle of distraction, frustration, and unproductivity, start taking your actions at face-value. If you find yourself doing nothing instead of working, admit that you did not actually intend to work that night. That's right: you lied to yourself. It's not a big deal; we all do it, but at least be honest.

Likewise, if you consistently flake on going to the gym, you're not "too tired" or "too busy." Admit you're lazy and afraid of success. Seriously, honesty will take a weight off your shoulders and allows you to analyze your past actions with more clarity.

Excuses screw you in the long run because they take away your agency. Saying you’re “too busy” at first sounds like a good reason to not work out (or better than saying “I don’t care about my health.”) However, excuses like these simultaneously affirm that you’re not a fully autonomous person. You’d like to get in shape, but you can’t (for some reason). Apparently you don’t possess free will and partially identify as a slave.

Instead, be life-affirming. Treat all your actions and decisions as reflections of what you believe and where you’re at in life. Taking responsibility for your struggles affirms that you are, despite it all, still in charge of your own destiny. You have the capacity to do better tomorrow, to learn, and to continue growing. It’s when you start to deny your own agency and blame others/society/insert excuse here for your problems that you truly get stuck. Doing so is the beginning of death and decay.

Trust reality. If you consistently fail to achieve your goals, understand that this is not “bad luck” or something that “everyone struggles with.” It’s not due to your past, or your parents, or Trump. You are yourself over. And guess what? You are doing so on purpose. Understand?

It’s uncomfortable to admit, but we all have a Good side and a self-destructive side. Notice that your self-destructive side exists. When you go on Facebook instead of working on your goals you are broadcasting loud and clear: “My goals aren’t very important. Who am I to deserve that kind of success any ways?” Nothing is random, all is Game.

At this point someone usually says, “Well, am I to blame for my abusive upbringing, or the crime in my neighborhood? Many of the issues I face I had no hand in creating.” This is true, but you are still responsible for your response to these issues. How could you not be?

A Note on Thoughts
Stop taking your thoughts so seriously. No one else can hear them, they are wildly biased, and have little or nothing to do with objective reality. Let the manifested world be your guide. If good things are showing up in your life, then you are doing something right. If you keep finding yourself in adverse situations, then you have more learning to do. Your gaze should be outwards at the ‘real world,’ not turned inwards on your feelings and baggage.

MtG Custom Wooden 720 Cube Box - Innistrad Cube

From the OP website: My second custom Cube box. Built for my first Cube commission – set on the horror-infested and monster-besieged plane of Innistrad.


This box was my first commission. I worked with my client to find out the general needs for the cube itself and then we discussed theme. All I needed to hear was “Innistrad.” The concept was easy from there: create a magical relic from the plane. A chest that was clawed at, beaten and weathered on the outside as the undesirables of Innistrad assaulted it trying to abscond its contents; and pristine on the inside as though it must have been protected by Avacyn.


This Innistrad Cube was a blast to create. The box was built, distressed, stained, distressed some more, laser engraved, and stained again. While the stained dried I started painting the hardware. I gold leafed the inside lid and glow clear coated three times. Once dry I added the hardware and stained again. A few more layers of faux painting and aging, a UV sensitive layer added to the symbol of Avacyn on the inside, and I final protective clear cut finished the job.


A wooden box with custom slots for dividers, brass hardware, and gold leaf interior.


The Hearthstone Box: a 3D Project

 It's all started from small idea to "upgrade" simple wood box to hearthstone one by using top part printed on 3D printer. RaponngoFM (artist) gave me the dimensions of this box and I started to modeling.

I am working in Autodesk Inventor and all modeling I did in this software. It's not best choice for something like this, but it worked fine.

First of all, any production always starting from sketch. In my situation i preferred to use this picture:

 It has taken about 6 hours to create good upper part of the box:

When i finished this work, I understand that i can't stop on this stage. I have to create the full one! Well, it has taken a little bit more time:

At this stage of the work, I understand that "skin" of the box is pretty boring. I am not a designer, but I had some ideas. This is the result:

Well, the 3 d modeling is only one part of the job. After that i started to prepare my model for 3d printing - fixed some parts of model, used meshmixer to repair problem parts of the mesh. It wasn't to easy to print the model - it's always wanted to shrink and get out of the table. Here u can see the stages of printing:

As u can see, in final version box has been printed by parts.

After printing a little bit tooling and it is ready for painting. Here my part is over and RaponngoFM started to work.

If u think that ABS plastic easy to paint like this - you are totally wrong. It has taken about 3-4 days to print like that: